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Team 2584 Response to Covid-19



Problem Statement:

In reaction to the Covid-19 epidemic, the local community is producing PPE devices for first responders and the general community at risk.  The NIH has approved a few designs for people to 3D print such as the Budmen Industries and the 3DVerkstan research models.  The average print time for these models is over 2 hours, which means that a single printer can only print a handful a day.  The need is greater than the supply, so increasing volume with locally available resources would be beneficial.



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After looking at several designs, a modification to the Budmen Industries face shield was chosen to base our model around.  The strengths and weaknesses of the Budmen model were:


    • Closed visor design so airborne virus could not settle inside the face shield from the top gaining access to your eyes, nose and mouth.
    • Comfortable headband for prolonged use.
    • Good separation between the front shield and your face for people who wear glasses.

    Design Choices:

    We determined a design that uses only the laser cutter and no 3D printing would be the only way to increase production time.  The model is created from four laser cut parts.  It maintains the safety and comfort of the Budmen design but increases productivity by 100 times.  Here is our model and resources. 


    Finished Model:

    gallery/front view
    gallery/side view

    CAD Images:

    gallery/cad assembly web
    gallery/cad layout web


    • Long print time
    • Reasonably large use of 3D printed material
    • Elastic band was in short supply locally
    gallery/west hills hospital er
    gallery/top view



       We are cutting on a 150W Boss LaserLS2436       @ 60% and 25mm/s

    • The 3 piece headset is made from 5/64"PETG and cuts in 54 seconds.

    • The face shield is made from 0.005" PETG and cuts in 8 seconds

    • We can comfortably produce 50-55 sets/hr